Cory Everson. The Heart of a Champion.

Cory Everson, the ultimate female and the most beautiful female bodybuilder of all time was born 4th January, 1958. After Cory graduated from university she took bodybuilding seriously and won the Ms Olympia six times in a row, (1984-1989). Cory Everson retired from competitive bodybuilding with the fact that she was never defeated on the Olympia stage. The flawless muscled beauty known as Cory Everson left bodybuilding fans and rivals in awe of this wonder amazon female warrior who held everyone's attention during and after her competitive years. She was a natural actress and it no wonder she went on to make a number of successful movies alongside famous actors like Jean-Claude van Damme and displayed better acting ability than he did. I watched the movie over 200 times simply to see her gorgeous legs. Cory Everson produced her own television show and was also the beautiful host. Body Shaping as it was known became the most popular show.

The Cory Everson story

Cory married Jeff Everson soon after she graduated, but was divorced soon after and eventually she re-married her current husband Steve. Her new found happiness radiates all around her and touches the hearts of everyone who comes into contact with her. Cory is truly a remarkbale and pleasant person who has made this world a better place. She has made the lives of others better all over the world.

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